Akurice Clovers

A complete Akurice patch in Blender. Leaf stock by Mécha. Complete 4/8/2015.

The Akurice clover is a common weed that is found throughout Tatola, found mainly in forested regions. Although they rarely damage other plant life, they have a habit of showing up in undesirable places, such as private gardens and pampered lawns. They are annoying to those who prefer not to have them around, but again, have no actual negative effects on organic life.

Akurice clovers have no smell and a slightly sweet flavor.


Akurice clovers have no real uses, consumable, medicinal, or otherwise.


  • The leaf texture was provided by devTeam member Mécha.
  • The picture for this leaf was taken in France
  • Mécha came up with the name "Akurice".