"Cascade" is a map that can not be accessed by conventional means in Vilous: Soldier of the North. This map was used by the developers to create and modify assets. These assets were all tested here before being put into actual playable maps. The map consists of a few different areas; the particle demo, the foliage demo, the material demo, and the animation demo areas. Each area contains a collection of assets specific to the field of development they're found in; Particles in the particle demo area, foliage in the foliage demo area, and so on. Each area has a few lines of floating text that shows what the area is for.

"Foliage Demo" area Edit


An area of the map for testing and displaying natural elements used in V:SotN. A floating text element can be seen at the start of this area.

An area of the map for testing and displaying natural elements used in V:SotN. Contains areas of grass, shrubs, ground plants, trees, and rocks.

"Particle Demo" area Edit

Description pending

Image pending

"Model Debug" area Edit

Description pending

Image pending

"Shell Debug" area Edit

This area of the map was created to test out a style of modular building using a system that Ryan_kuke came up with called "Shells". This building style involves the creation of a very basic model, usually one of two dimensional planes and is only intended for use on buildings that one can enter and exit. These models don't have any collision hulls associated with them. After they are imported into the game engine, they are assigned a basic development texture that supports transparency.

These models, called "shells", are representations of how the building should look in the game. With this template, map makers are able to outfit the shell with cosmetic pieces to support the original building plan's intentions. These pieces include exterior wall pieces, interior wall pieces, and furniture props.

Image pending

"Animation Demo" area Edit

Description pending

Image pending

Trivia Edit

Cascade Edit

  • Cascade was originally intended to test particles only.
  • The map name comes from Unreal Engine 4's particle system; Cascade.
  • Cascade's full map name is "map00_cascade".
  • This map was the first map ever made by Project Freelance Games in the Unreal 4 engine.

Foliage Edit

Particle Edit

Model Edit

Shell Edit

  • Most shells are left inside of their buildings.
  • Shells are only visible in the editor.

Animation Edit

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