Elara (Player)

Elara is a very relaxed Northern Sergal female with a friendly demeanor. She grew up in a little village that is isolated in the woods. In the village, there are only about 5 or 6 families, not including her own. Because of this, Elara has a strong attachment to everyone that she becomes close with. Her Mother and Father are enlisted in the Northern ranks, but Elara herself is not. She has one sibling that was born about a month before the game starts. Elara is commonly seen around the town, helping people and being social. Because of this, she has developed a diverse set of skills such as structure repair, basic building, and basic camping. A hobby of hers is the crafting of different textiles and she is usually seen wearing clothing that she made herself. Curtains, pillows, and other decorations made by Elara can be found around her house.

It is rather obvious that with living this lifestyle, Elara is uncomfortable with the thought of taking a life.

Throughout the game, as she's exposed the the life style of a Shigu soldier, she'll become more comfortable with the associated skills, such as surviving off of the land and thinking strategically on the fly.

Side facts about Elara

  • Elara is 23 years old.
  • She is 6'3" (1.905m) tall.
  • Elara weighs approximately 155lbs (~70.31kg).
  • Despite being a Northern Sergal, she has never visited the Northern City.
  • Elara is not in an emotional relationship with anyone.
  • Elara was born on "Early Cold Spring Day"