Healing on Mission Days

Since player's hunger and thirst values are ignored, they will receive a health buffer equivalent to having a full stomach and heal at the rate of 10% per 10 seconds. This is to compensate for the fast-paced battles that may take place on mission days. Players will not constantly heal. After taking damage, the player must wait 10 seconds before they can begin to recover any lost health.

Health on non-mission days will also be independent of health on mission days. If a player enters a mission day with 20% health, they will return from the mission day with 20% health. During the mission, however, their health can fluctuate between 0% and 100%.

If a player is on the verge of starving to death, specifically, they are receiving starving damage and their health is below 5%, they will return from a mission day with 15% health. Upon returning from this state, they will have any debuffs from the Dynamic Damage System and continue to take starving damage.

Healing on Non-mission Days

The player will heal at different rates based on the fullness of their food pool, if they aren't taking damage from dehydration. Should the player’s food pool value reach 0.00, then they will begin to take starving damage. If a player is currently taking thirst damage, regardless of their hunger return value, they will not heal.

Food Range Range Values Range Buff
Full 0.75 to 1.00 Full healing speed (10% per 10 seconds)
Peckish 0.60 to 0.74 Half healing speed (10% per 20 seconds)
Hungry < 0.59 No healing
Starving 0.00 Starving damage (-10% per 30 seconds)
Drink Range Range Values Range Buff
Hydrated 0.01 - 1.00 Ability to heal at rate set by hunger return
Dehydrated 0.00 Inability to heal

For information on how to increase your food pool and thirst pool values, visit the Food and Drink Tables page.

Healing with the Dynamic Damage System

It is worth noting that hunger pool values are related to, but not directly related to the healing rates of afflictions with the Dynamic Damage System. The Dynamic Damage System will assign a time players need to wait before a wound is healed. If a player's food pool is "Full", they will wait the time assigned. If their food pool is "Peckish", they will need to wait double the amount of time that is needed for the affliction to heal. If they are "Hungry", they'll need to wait four times as long as they would need to, if they had a full stomach. If they're "Starving", the player will not heal.