The first Koa wood tree to be modeled. Viewed in SpeedTree.

Intended to be one of the more common types of trees to be found on Vilous, the Koa Wood tree was to compose a notable portion of forests.

This item was removed from the game in preAlpha.


Being plentiful in forests around Vilous, Koa wood trees are often harvested and processed into building materials or weapon handles. Less commonly, Koa wood is processed into paper for books and maps.



An animated .gif file showing the tree's ability to interact with simulated wind. This view is from inside of the SpeedTree editor.

  • The name "Koa" is actually an anagram of "Oak", a tree commonly found were the creator grew up.
  • This is the first set of tree models to be created for Vilous: Soldier of the North.
  • This set is used as Project Freelance Game's first foliage Patreon release.
  • These trees were created using Blender, Photoshop, and Speedtree.
  • Leaves on the branch textures actually come from a shrub.