A complete Minua Plant model in Blender. Leaf stock by Mécha. Complete 4/7/2015.

The Minura Plant is a plant that is commonly found in the forested regions of Vilous. It consists of a large, elongated, tear drop shaped leaf at the end of a rather thick stem. Despite the thickness and flexibility of the plant's stems, they aren't too strong and should not be used to hold things together when building. The plant has a slightly waxy texture to it.


The Minura Plant is a relatively ordinary plant that can't be used for much. There are no extraordinary properties or flavors to the plant. Due to the slightly waxy texture the leaves have, it is possible to use them to temporarily patch holes in structures or clothing and prevent rain water from leaking in. Should this happen, one should repair the structure or clothing as soon as possible and not rely on this temporary solution.


  • The leaf texture was provided by devTeam member Mécha.
  • Mécha suggested the name "Minura". The name comes from jumbling the letters in one of his cat's names.
  • The picture for this leaf was taken in France.
  • This is the first foliage plant model made for V:SotN.