Ruma Plant

A complete Ruma Plant model in Blender. Leaf stock by Mécha. Complete 4/8/2015.

The Ruma plant is an uncommon and large leafed plant this is found in dry environments. It should be noted that this plant is not found in deserts. The surface of the plant appears slightly fuzzy, but it rather hydrophobic. The unique shape of the leaf and the large surface area allows it to catch as much rain water as possible. When rain water is caught in the leaf itself, it is then channeled down the stem and to the base of the plant. This allows the plant to stay as hydrated as possible in a rather hostile environment. The soil a few inches under the surface of the ground is often rather saturated.


A clever survivalist would be able to use this plant as a way to collect fresh water. Although it isn't practical to use since when searching for the uncommon plant, one would be more likely to come across a fresh stream, lake, or pond. If removed from the ground, the leaf is likely to wilt and decay while waiting for rain, ruining the efficiency of the collection process.

Due to the plant's large surface area and it's hydrophobic nature, one could use it to temporarily patch holes in structures or clothing. It can also be used to make oneself decent, should the need absolutely arise.

The races of Vilous have been seen sometimes using a Ruma leaf as a funnel to channel liquids into containers.


  • The leaf texture was provided by devTeam member Mécha.
  • The picture for this leaf was taken in France.
  • This plant was inspired by water holding plants and fungi.