Ryan_kuke is the alias of Project Freelance Game's lead developer, Ryan, who is the founder of the project and the brain behind Vilous: Soldier of the North. He has worked on V:SotN as a modeler, artist, voice actor, programmer, and motion capture actor. He has worked alongside some others who have agreed to aid him in the finishing of the project, including collaboration with CojuAL and indirect collaboration with Mick39.

He also goes by the alias "V:SotN-dev" on this wikia.

Jobs on the Project

Modeling - Nearly every model in V:SotN was created by Ryan_kuke. Every model also has some degree of a backstory associated to it, such as plant life, to try and create a more immersive environment.

Artist - All texture work was done by Ryan_kuke. This includes the modification of diffuse maps, the generation of normal, specular, roughness, and displacement maps. It should be noted that raw stock photos of specific textures have been produced by Project Freelance's devTeam members. Some images that were used are also royalty free and available for use commercially.

Voice actor - Using a voice modulation software, Ryan_kuke voices 4 different characters; Elara, Icarus, Rozz, and Kramin. To achieve a more realistic sounding character and modulation, his voice is slightly altered as he speaks before the modulation is applied. For example, a rough and low voice is used for Icarus, as a voice that is closer to Ryan_kuke's actual speaking voice, with a slight accent, is used for Rozz. To create Elara's voice, a soft and higher voice is used, and for Kramin, a slightly lower, but still soft voice is used.

Sound engineer - All sounds used in V:SotN have been edited in some way by Ryan_kuke. Most of the sounds are recorded by Ryan_kuke as well.

Programmer - All coding and scripting work was done by Ryan_kuke. All of the mechanics and planning for complex mechanics such as the dynamic hunger system have been thought out by Ryan_kuke.

Animator - Minor motion capture data touch up was done by Ryan_kuke, as well as any non procedural or dynamic environmental animations..

Motion capture actor - Nearly all acting was done by Ryan_kuke with the assistance of motion capture hardware.

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